The Art of Conspiracy

About TAOC

The Art of Conspiracy (or “Conspiracy Practice” /Russian name/) is a social strategic game in conspiracy-theories satire setting with an emphasis on economics, bluffing and social interaction.

The global crisis happens, so secret societies are entering the world stage. To expand their political and economic influence, they take advantage of the chaos surrounding them. Reveal your talents as armchair warrior and show everyone how to capture the world!

All the necessary means of influence will be at your disposal: the media, politics, business, law enforcement agencies, crime and even Reptiloids from Nibiru. Build your network of agents, and with their help get the whole world under your control. Remember, you will have to face other rivals. They’ll do everything for their victory: lies, corruption, conspiracy, blackmail, traps, fraud. Only the most cunning and insightful can create own order out of chaos.

The game is intended for groups of two to nine players (2 ~ 9).
Recommended number of players: 3 ~ 7.
The duration of full game round is from 30 to 90 minutes.

The Art of Conspiracy features:

  • Unique goals. At the beginning of the game, you do not know the goals of the opponents, and they don’t know yours. The longer you keep your goal secret and sooner you determine goals of your rivals, the higher are your chances of success.
  • Replayability is one of the key features of the game. Game mechanics is designed in a way that each game won’t repeat the previous.
  • Social aspect. “The Art of Conspiracy” is a social game. Although there can only be one winner, the ability to bargain and negotiate is essential for survival.
  • Economics plays a key role in “TAoC”- you should correctly evaluate investments, carefully think through deals with players, and build your own economic engine.
  • Use your in-game assets to influence the situation, bring your victory closer and move away the enemy.
  • Truth or lies. In this game, both naive faith and unfounded denial are very dangerous. You must be able to distinguish truth from lies and bluff in order to succeed in “The Art of Conspiracy”.